More Than a Factory

Not a factory, but more than a factory. Why?

There was a simple story which eventually and significantly reveals to us that for any single factory there was obvious limits while combined with selected manufacturing resources the advantages were truly remarkable.

It was in 2005 while we got a chance to take care of an order of big triangle ruler and straight ruler those use in drawing and scaling. With the aim to get the same or better quality but less cost, we launched our intensive outsourcing activities among the whole china from all main ruler suppliers. The activities lasted for a few weeks and after the investigation with all specialized ruler vendors, surprisingly we discovered that with more or less the same quality the price even differs greatly! And more shockingly,the advantages of these two kind of rulers share by two separated vendors while appeared to be the same kind level of materials and craftwork.

However, what did make sense if you stepped back and took an overview. The truth is any single factory got its viewable limit either on the cost of labors or on the bearing for equipment facilities or by the materials from the supplying channels. Nonetheless, with the arrangement of chosen vendors the rewards are merely significant. In china we got one saying exactly reflects on this case: “Take advantages from hundreds and get rid of weakness from thousands.”

“All stationery factories focus in some fields only.”

With investigation going we further realize one thing that almost all stationery factories in reality typically focus in some fields. Some only produces various kinds of rulers; some deals with staplers and punches; some are good at file holders, while some especially manufactures notebooks…There are some big stationery suppliers done with all arrays of items but, unfortunately, rather expensive.

Besides, many clients face the same dilemma or over spent for the big name or make compromise for the sake of pocket while quality unreliable. There is simply a tremendous need for good and reasonably priced stationeries.

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