Mesh Round Wastebasket

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REF.: MB001

Product Characteristics
This durable mesh round wastebasket is a stylish and attractive tool for offices, libraries, kitchens, etc.
Featuring solid metal bases and sturdy mesh frames, it is very durable and useful.
3 Sizes Optional:
Big: Diameter: Φ28.6(Diameter)Top; Φ23.2(Diameter) bottom. Height: 34.9cmcm
Medium: Diameter: Φ21.1cm (Diameter)Top; Φ25.8cm (Diameter)bottom. Height: 28.5cm
Small: Diameter: Φ23.4cm(Diameter)Top; Φ18.7cm (Diameter) bottom. Height: 26.1cm
Material:Wire mesh
OEM package available