What We Aim and Value

Our aim is to provide stationeries with excellent quality while lowest possible cost.

It is known to all that China actually becomes the biggest manufacturing base for stationeries items in terms of the world range, while across the distances it would take you years to completely recognize even just the face of the vendors for one province only, not even mention others, and the knowledge of various in quality, and foremost the arrangement, development, monitoring and guaranteeing.

In addition to that, it is a huge job to fully identify the advantages of diverse vendors as long as the mixture of poor performances.

It hence becomes our opportunity and later our mission and eventually the Company’s philosophy to provide stationeries with excellent quality while lowest possible cost.

Over all these years we relentlessly build in our supplying chains and quality system on stationery commodities,for we have never forgotten where it all started and why we are in business.

This still is the major motivation to keep us going.

Apart from business, What bring us together is hearts.









The beautiful view of Guangzhou Pear River

I have always been an actively communicative person and truly believe the heartfelt relationship between people is the key for all business, no matter you are selling the fruits along the street, or you are vending commodities on line, or otherwise being a boss of sofa factory.

Since from the very beginning of starting the business,we maintain the strong, close and reliable relationship with our clients. For all the years we are with the clients fighting and proving together. And there was a time the client sent an e-mail or makes a phone call with the simplest words of human being-how are you- but nothing is better than that.

Thousands years ago in China, Confucius said: “It’s a great pleasure to have friends coming from afar.” And we do believe “Apart from business, What bring us together is hearts.”

Billow Wu

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